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Members of the Board of Directors donate nearly 1,000 hours each year performing their oversight duties. They are also generous in their support of our fundraising activities.


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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

FY 2015

Mrs. Sharon Collins Casey
Chair of the Board

Mrs. Joan H. Lewis
Vice Chair

Mrs. Marijke Jurgens-Dupree

Mr. Oak Strawbridge

Mrs. Barbara Bush
(Life Member)

Susan Ascher, MD
Mr. David T. Canham IV
Mr. Alan S. Helfer

Mr. Keith Eig
Mr. Jim Field


Mr. Burton C. Gray Jr.
Mrs. Leslie Zimberg Martin

Mrs. Mary M. McLoughlin
Mrs. Nneka O. Sederstrom, PhD
Mrs. Robin G. Moore
Mr. Lars G. Okeson
Mrs. Susan K. Wojcik

Advisory Board

FY 2015

Joan H. Lewis (Chair)
Maj. Gen. Ronald L. Beckwith

Mrs. Nomita Brady
Mr. Harold "Dude" Brown
Mr. Charles Ingersoll, Jr.
Mrs. Marjorie T. Lee
Mrs. Jutta Lewis
John J. Lynch, MD
Mrs. Millicent Mailliard

Mr. Robert Marsteller
Mrs. Linda Meyer
Mr. BK Narayan
Mrs. Carrie Queenan
Ms. Teresa Ressel
Mrs. Barbara Rossotti

Shyrl Sistrunk, MD
Mr. Roswell Taylor
Sharon Collins Casey (ex officio)


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