Hospice care focuses on quality of life for people diagnosed with terminal illnesses by providing them with superior pain and symptom management and professional support for their families. 


When is hospice care right for my resident?

To be eligible for hospice care, your resident must have a life expectancy of six months or less if the disease runs its natural course. When curative treatment is no longer effective for your resident’s terminal condition or isn’t adding to quality of life, hospice care is an option. 


We help you determine if hospice meets your resident’s goals for care and our professional staff is expert at talking with residents and their families. We explain how our services are patient-directed with oversight by your Medical Director and ours.  We emphasize that there’s little or no cost to the resident or family and we describe our team approach to providing comfort care. We help you determine if your resident is hospice eligible.


How do I approach the subject of hospice care with the patient and family?

We can be your partner in a conversation with your resident and the family. Our end-of-life experts can explain how hospice care helps keep residents comfortable and manages their pain and symptoms so they can enjoy the time they have. 


What does hospice add to the care our resident is receiving now?

Our end-of-life experts, directed by your facility Medical Director and our hospice Medical Director, work collaboratively with your staff to meet your resident’s needs by providing:

  • Medicare-certified comfort care in your facility

  • all medications, equipment and supplies needed for comfort related to their terminal condition

  • credentialed and certified hospice Medical Director who works with your facility Medical Director

  • credentialed and certified Registered Nurses and Social Workers

  • regular visits from an RN to manage pain and symptoms

  • round-the-clock phone support from an RN for pain management

  • personal care from a Certified Nursing Assistant

  • access to an inpatient facility staffed by hospice experts to stabilize the resident’s pain and symptoms so s/he can return to your facility

  • a Chaplain to help ease emotional and spiritual anxiety

  • Bereavement Counselors to comfort and guide the resident and family through end-of-life loss and grief


Special Programs for your resident:

  • Hospice Doula and 11th Hour Programs for patients who need comforting  companionship when family isn’t available

  • We Honor Veterans Program focusing on the unique end-of-life needs of the women and men who served our country


How long does it take to start hospice care for my resident?

Once you call or FAX a referral, the process moves quickly:

  1. We complete a nursing assessment to evaluate your resident’s hospice eligibility. 

  2. We process the enrollment paperwork. 

  3. We order DME and medications for delivery to the resident’s room. 

  4. We set up regular visits from the hospice nurse and other team members.

  5. We educate and guide your resident and family members through the end-of-life process.


How do I refer my resident to The Washington Home & Community Hospices?

We make it as simple as possible for you: 


  1. Call 866-234-7742 between 8:30 – 5:00 Monday through Friday and someone speaks with you within two hours. Call after business hours, someone returns your call as soon as possible,; or

  2. FAX this Referral Form  to 202-895-0154 and someone contacts you as soon as possible.



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