Hospice volunteers are vital members of our care team. As a volunteer, you help us serve patients and families in their homes, or you can provide administrative help in our corporate offices.

We look forward to welcoming you to our team!


Here are a few different ways you can make a difference in the lives of those we serve:

Home Care Volunteer

Provides non-medical support through companionship and friendly visits to patients and caregivers in their homes. May read to patients, prepare snacks for patients (patients must be able to feed himself/herself), play recorded music, help patients compose letters or emails, or listen to a patient's shared thoughts.


Bereavement Volunteer

Provides grief education and telephone follow-up for grieving individuals. Requires additional training and supervision.  Must be an active volunteer for at least six months before taking additional bereavement training and serving in this role.


11th Hour Volunteer

Provides support and a caring presence for hospice patients dying alone by supplementing the professional hospice team. Must complete the 11th Hour Volunteer Training program and be an active volunteer for at least six months before serving in this role.


Hospice Doula Volunteer

Provides ongoing comfort and support for patients by reading sacred texts, playing comforting music, sitting close to the patient, holding the patient’s hand, or simply talking with the patient and/or family. Patients may receive care from a Hospice Doula at any point while receiving care from Community Hospices.  Those interested in becoming a Hospice Doula Volunteer must be an active volunteer for at least one year, and complete the Hospice Doula Training program before serving in this role.


To learn more about becoming a volunteer with us, please contact our

Volunteer Coordinator, Natii Wright at 202-895-2612 | dwright@thewashingtonhome.org

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