Holiday Schmoliday

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s in full (and I do mean FULL) swing! But what if we’re not? Sometimes, we’re just not feeling “it.” And believe it or not, that’s actually okay.

This is typically a time when we gather closer to the ones we love, break bread with our brethren, and exchange stories and share laughs with our family and friends; and as we grow older, sometimes the good times that we come to associate with holidays fade away, leaving us with only the memories.

Author and therapist, Craig D. Lounsbrough said that we have a choice, and that we can either be jaded by what we’ve lost, or joyous over what we’d accomplished while we had it.

This doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to feel jaded, upset, sad, or angry at the losses we’ve experienced. Instead, it means that after we’ve permitted ourselves to explore those emotions, we have to remember to NOT get stuck in them; because it’s the ‘getting stuck’ part that really hurts us the most. When we get stuck in negative emotions, it greatly minimizes the opportunities we have to experience more positive ones.

One thing I do, after I wipe my tears away, is remember the laughs. There’s something about a good hearty laugh that always brings me to a happier place. And if the memories aren’t enough at this time, just remember you’re not in this alone. Here at Community Hospices, we have drop-in Grief Support Groups every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm. It’s in these meetings where most people realize that though they may feel alone and isolated from everyone else, that’s not the case. These gatherings are completely free, and the good thing is that anyone can attend, regardless of whether or not we’ve cared for your loved one. Our grief counselors are here to help you navigate through your feelings—they don’t rush you through them, and they don’t force you to feel something you can’t at the time—they’re simply here to help guide you through the grieving process.

To learn more about grief and loss and the support that we offer here at Community Hospices, please visit:

Wishing happy holidays to you and yours this season (and all of the rests to come)!


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