If You Thought This… Think Again!

When it comes to hospice, there are many myths, widely held but false beliefs. What we don’t know about our healthcare options really can hurt us—especially during one of the most challenging periods in our lives—when we’re seriously ill.

Here are the five most common myths:

Myth 1: Hospice means you’re giving up.

Hospice doesn’t mean you’re giving up. Choosing to receive hospice care is an act of courage. Hospice patients don’t give up hope; what they hope for changes. With Community Hospices by your side, you’re supported by a team that provides you comforting care so that you’re able to live out your final days to the fullest, surrounded by the people and things you love.

Myth 2: Hospice is a place where you go to die.

No. Hospice isn’t a place, but rather a philosophy of care aimed at helping people in the final stages of life. Hospice care is provided in your home, your family member’s home or in a nursing home if that’s where you live. Here at Community Hospices, we also have a nine-bed inpatient hospice facility, Williams House, where you can come for short-term care if your symptoms can’t be managed at home.

Myth 3: Only people who’re going to die within a few days can be placed in hospice care.

Hospice is a concept of care that focuses on comfort rather than cures. Therefore, any person who’s been diagnosed with a serious illness where treatments are no longer effective and a cure is no longer an option can choose to receive hospice care.

Myth 4: Hospice is for old people.

Hospice care is available to any person who has a life-limiting illness. Here at Community Hospices, we serve any one over the age of 18. There’s no limits on the comfort and compassion we give to our community.

Myth 5: Only rich people can afford hospice.

False. Typically, hospice will cost you nothing. Both Medicare and Medicaid provide excellent hospice benefits, including providing all medications and equipment related to the hospice diagnosis. Most private insurance programs offer hospice benefits as well. At Community Hospices, we care for everyone who qualifies for hospice, regardless of your ability to pay for our services.

To get a comprehensive understanding of hospice and what we do here at Community Hospices, please visit: communityhospices.org/understanding-hospice.



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