Let’s Get It On ♥

All lovers are welcome to participate!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, The Washington Home & Community Hospices is inviting the community to get it on with their loved ones; and by that, we mean ‘get it on’ your radar, and ‘get your health wishes on’ paper so that your loved ones can give you the very best gift ever—the one you said you want.

Have you written your will? Remember, it’s never too early to create one and you can always update it when you feel it’s time.

Too often, when the people we love are seriously ill, we’re left guessing what they want because their wishes weren’t made known earlier. With the help of legally-binding documents like Living Wills and Advance Directives, the guess work of what’s desired near and at the end-of-life is eliminated. Besides, who needs extra hassles during those difficult times anyway? We might as well make it easier on ourselves and our family by getting everything down on paper.

Not sure where to start? No worries, you can start here—AARP helps make this process go a lot smoother (DC’s Form / MD’s Form). Simply:

  1. Download your state’s free Advance Directive form

  2. Connect with your family and medical team & fill it out

  3. Sign, Seal (or no seal), Deliver — it’s yours & you’re all done!

And what better day to start this process than on the international day of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day—don’t forget to get it on!


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