“It’s About How You Live”—Live Well ♥

Happy November! It’s National Hospice & Palliative Care Month, and this year’s theme is “It’s About How You Live.” And in keeping with that theme, the team here at The Washington Home & Community Hospices is privileged to continue honoring our charge to usher our patients along their journeys of living well.

Living well is a concept we promote to each and every one of our hospice patients. At its core, that really is what hospice is all about—living the best life we can, no matter the diagnosis, and no matter the barriers that build up against us. We are our bodies’ strongest soldiers, and thus, we must equip ourselves with the artillery and the armor to live the best lives we can.

Echoing this sentiment, we’re stepping out from our hospice walls and reaching out to our greater community to invite you all to join us in Living Well!

In today’s society, with so many distractions competing for our time, our energy, and our attention, living well is something that’s certainly much easier said than done. How many times have we promised ourselves that we would eat better, exercise more, procrastinate less, and then after a few days of sticking to the new plan, we slipped back into our old routines. *Raises Hand* If you raised your hand too, don’t worry—you’re not alone—there’s a whole community of people raising their hands right along with you.

But what if… perhaps maybe… that same community of people were raising their hands for an even greater purpose. A purpose that enables better and healthier choices instead of one that settles for whatever is to come. A purpose that sparks proactive engagement with one another to hold each other accountable for our choices instead of one that allows us to continue on in our siloed routines.

Better yet, what if that community of people and that purpose already existed within each and every one of us!

The great news for us is that we already have everything we need. We have the positive intent, we have the supportive community, and we have the drive—and now, we just need to synchronize our efforts, personalize our goals, and shift forward to the next gear together.

After all is said and done, it really is about how we live. Why not live well together—what do you say?

All for one & one for all!

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