Surviving the Holidays

You’ve been doing well. The waves of howling grief, swelling out of the deep, no longer drown out a glimpse of the new normal. One day you walk into your favorite retail store and see red bows on wreaths and the blue holiday cards that smack you in the gut. Oh yeah, time for the holidays. You say, “I am not ready. I’ll never be ready.” You take a deep breath, and imagine a hug of encouragement. ”This is one more first and I can do it.”

Plans for surviving the holiday season?

Our Bereavement Coordinators have tips that may help. Please call us for support at 202-895-2641. Bottom line, you have to do it your way. That means whatever way you need, or whatever way you believe might help, and whatever will pull you through this overwhelming time. That’s the key. And, in all the pushing, prodding, and demands of tradition, you need to know you will make it.

But “how?”

Remember your limitations as you plan ahead. Trim down to essentials and give yourself wiggle room as you build flexibility into your schedule. Allow your needs and beliefs to be reflected in reconfiguring your traditions. You may decide to withdraw, or you may change up the tradition. And you will use a bit of discernment, the willingness to say “No,” or ask for and accept help from others. All of this or none of this may be in your plan, but whatever your plan is, you will sigh with relief when the December rush comes to an end.

Oh, wait…. next on the calendar is New Years. Right around the corner is Valentines Day. Yes, this is the season of holidays. This is the season of high expectations and epic stories of years past. We are surrounded by the exuberant energy of community celebration. Threaded through vibrant life affirming rituals of our personal culture is permission to allow yourself to limp along doing the best possible, until you re-learn how to run.

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