Start A Support Group!

Support the Bereaved in Your Community

Over the years, working in hospice as Bereavement Coordinators, we have realized that many bereaved feel more comfortable connecting with those in their own community.  Often there is no formalized support system to fill this need.  This network program gathers those in your community who wish to provide service for the bereaved, and those who wish to access grief support.


                                                                       We offer consultation services on how to                                                                               develop a bereavement companion                                                                                        network in your organization.  We provide                                                                             training and grief educational resources for                                                                           the volunteer coordinator and bereavement                                                                         companions.


Consultation services include developing an individualized program:

  1. Effective communication system, to include confidential support between the bereaved and the assigned companion.

  2. Training of basic grief experiences.

  3. Red flags for complicated grief that professional referrals are important

  4. Appropriate printed materials

Contact Tiffany Oscar, LICSW via email for more information.


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