Testimonials from Our Patient-Families

Words from the Heart


"Our family would like to extend our deepest thanks for making [our mother] very comfortable while under your care. We appreciate it - especially your nurse Renee, she was awesome. Thanks again!"

- The Allen Family 

"We can never thank you for all your kindness. The care you take in performing your duties goes far beyond job duties. May God return all of the works of your hand into blessings."

- The Royster Family

"I just received a letter from your office. It was a pleasant surprise to hear from the Washington Home and Community Hospices. Most organizations may have just forgotten about the ones that are left behind. But not your organization. I was so impressed that I had to stop and respond immediately. If I happen to need your services in the future, you will definitely hear from me. Until then, keep up the excellent standard you have established and I pray that all goes well for you, your family and your staff. God bless you all.​"

- Ben P.

"Thank you very much for caring for and about our mom. Gratefully acknowledging and thanking you for your kindness and sympathy."

- Ethelena T. & Family

"Thank you for sharing our sorrow. Your kindness is deeply appreciated and will always be remembered."

- Love, Geraldine S. & Family



"I’m writing to thank Community Hospice for the excellent care that was provided for my brother by Chanel (the nurse) and Katie (the aide). I do not know their last names, but they both provided excellent care for my brother at all times. It did not feel to me that they were doing a job. What they did came from their hearts & I felt that and was so overwhelmed with joy with the tender care and compassion. Thank you from my heart!"

- Diane S.

“Thank you very much for all the support hospice provided our daughter and us over the past year and a half. It makes us feel good to know that there are people and organizations out there providing so much help.”

- Willard D. & Family

"Thank you... My dad passed September 17th after a brief fight with pancreatic
cancer. I moved into his home in July to help take care of him and I was quickly overwhelmed by the responsibility. We have a small family and almost all of his friends have passed on, so there was no real "support net" for me to rely on. I didn't
know what to do as my Dad quickly got sicker. 
I was so relieved when the Washington Community Hospices came! The staff were all excellent, caring people. The morning aide, Caroline, was an "angel" and I looked forward to seeing her every weekday, as did my Dad. She was very kind and gentle with him, and always had time to sit and talk to me...ease my concerns, answer my questions, and let me know that I was doing everything possible to make my Dad comfortable. His nurse, Odessa, was also an angel....reassuring me, resolving medical problems, and guiding me at the end of his life so that he did not suffer unnecessarily. I also appreciated support from the clergy and social worker (even after his passing). Your organization is a true Blessing! Thank you so much for helping us when we needed it the most!"

- Lyndon W.

"A special “thank you” DC – Hospice Team. You are an amazing team. Our son received outstanding care. Words can not express the gratitude & respect I have for you. Thank you again for everything.”

- The Parker Family

“I just wanted to write a few words to say thank you and how grateful I was for the wonderful way my dad was cared for from the 1st day he was registered with Community Hospices of DC. It was an enormous comfort to me and my family to know that he was being looked after in such a professional manner and by such dedicated caring and understanding individuals like Ms. Jackson, Ms. Odessa, Ms. Ngozi, Chaplin Robby and Ms. Mickey. My dad on several occasions spoke highly about the nurses who was caring for him during his transition. He also liked their commitment and cheerfulness routinely shown by all of the staff that visited him particularly during the earlier days of his time with Community. Most important, your staff helped me understand the book “Gone From My Sight” and eased my fears about the experience of dying and my dad’s transition. With their help, I was able to understand the process and care for my dad with fidelity and love. I would truly appreciate it if you could pass on the family gratitude to all the personnel of Community Hospices of DC, as well as my own personal thanks, for making my dad’s passing peaceful.”

- P. Morgan

"There's always a reason to smile and feel grateful because of you. Thank you!"

- Samuel C. & Family

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