The "Before I die..." Wall

Candy Chang was just a teenager when her mother died suddenly. Struggling for years to overcome deep depression, Candy used her artistic talent to help restore her own and others’ perspectives on life and death.  Believing that “thinking about death clarifies your life,” she created an interactive Before I Die wall on the side of an abandoned house. There are now over 1,000 Before I Die Walls in over 70 countries.

tell my mother I love her

go 200 MPH

raise my children

finish school

travel the world!!!

inspire others to be kind & compassionate ♥

swim with dolphins

forget an old grudge

mend a quarrel

have a hot fudge sundae EVERY night ;)

tell my husband I love him

tell him again & again!! XOXO

make a BIG impact in someone's life

be sure I've accomplished God's plan for me

search out a forgotten friend

be a positive influence in the lives of my grandchildren

love deeply & give generously

travel to Scotland & New Zealand

go SKY DIVING!! (maybe)

help my loved ones die.

see Paris one more time

know I made a difference

smile more at strangers :)

forgive my daughter-in-law

get right with God!

go to Alaska and Hawaii

make all of my dreams come true :)

l i v e !!!

straighten out all business matters

& show my children the depth of my ♥

go scuba diving!

go to Tahiti!!!

travel all the continents

Vist Italy!!

visit New Grange and watch

a crop circle being created.

make this world a better place!

live to my fullest potential!

be at peace with myself & others.

accompany many more people through their illness and their dying as a chaplain - a

true joy & privilege!

POUR Love into my children!!!