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Lights of Love 2014

Each year, Lights of Love illuminate a beautiful 16-foot tree for our patients and residents in The Washington Home & Community Hospices. Lights of Love celebrate the people who hold a special place in our hearts. As a part of our annual Lights of Love tree lighting ceremony, we invite families of patients we’ve cared for to send us photographs of their loved for a Lights of Love tribute video. The 2014 video is posted below.

You may purchase Lights of Love through December 31, 2014 at the link below. We’ll notify individuals that you’re celebrating their lives with Lights of Love and that your gift is paying it forward by supporting compassionate care for area residents who are aging and chronically or terminally ill.

Thank you for sponsoring Lights of Love – your support is greatly appreciated.


Celebrate the people who hold
a special place in your heart by
sponsoring Lights of Love in their honor.


The Washington Home Dedicates
Memorial and Tribute Bricks

Photo and article originally appeared in The Georgetowner


The Washington Home & Community Hospices held a memorial and tribute bricks dedication to loved ones in the reflection garden on Sept. 14. Alexandra Villard de Borchgrave, founder of the Light of Healing Hope Foundation, who has generously donated thousands of volumes of her inspirational poetry prompted by the losses September 11, provided copies of her most recent compilation, "Healing Courage Messages of Love, Hope, and Strength," available Oct. 1. “We are blessed when we share the stories of our loved ones and when we listen to others’ stories,” Rev. Robert Wellington said, as red chrysanthemums were placed on the memorial bricks.






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