TWH Announcements

We are honored to support community-based initiatives that ensure the highest level of care and service for seniors and individuals with special end of life needs.

The Washington Home & Community Hospices Transitions to Private Foundation, Makes Inaugural Donations in Excess of $3.5M
For decades, The Washington Home & Community Hospices operated the only in-patient hospice facility in Washington, DC, housed in a wing of its nursing home in upper Northwest. Recently the organization closed that facility and transitioned to a charitable foundation named The Washington Home, with a mission to fund initiatives that support the elderly and those in need of end-of-life care.
The Washington Home Funds $1M Towards Construction of Iona Senior Services’ New Adult Daycare Center in DC’s Ward 8
The Washington Home, a charitable foundation, donated $1M to Iona Senior Services (IONA), to support construction of their new adult daycare center in Ward 8 set to open in Fall 2020. The facility will be called Iona - The Washington Home Center.