Our Foundation

The Washington Home (TWH) is a DC-based foundation that seeks to improve the lives of the elderly and those facing end of life, strengthen senior communities and reduce inequality in access to care. Our philanthropic vision is grounded in a commitment to pursue caregiver support, enhance connection and foster respect and dignity for seniors. We invest in local, community efforts to address social isolation, caregiver relief, food insecurity and specialized health care for seniors and the critically ill.

Founded in 1888

Until recently, TWH provided long-term care to residents of its nursing home facility in upper Northwest Washington DC and hospice care to patients in their own homes, and in the in-patient hospice wing of the nursing home. In recent years, the TWH Board of Directors has directed a repositioning of the organization by ceasing hands-on care and consolidating its financial resources to be deployed for maximum impact in accordance with its longstanding mission.

Our History at a Glance


The Washington Home for Incurables was founded by Mrs. Charles Hill.


We admitted our first patient into our inpatient hospice unit.


We began offering home hospice care


Adopted a new name: The Washington Home & Community Hospices.


Sold our property in order to serve more residents in their own homes.


Phased out nursing home and rehabilitation programs and expanded hospice care.


Transferred both in-home and in-patient hospice services to Capital Caring Health.


Transitioned to foundation status and dedicated large grants for two major initiatives.

“Going forward, The Washington Home will build alliances with existing organizations that have strong track records in serving the elderly population in all four quadrants of Washington, DC. I have been meeting with innovators and thought leaders in the community and we have many exciting ideas to pursue.”
– Phyllis Dillinger, The Washington Home CEO/CFO