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Understanding Grief
What is grief? Grief is a normal human reaction to a loss: you may experience it before your own death or before and after the death of a loved one. Grieving is an individual journey and there’s no right or wrong way to mourn a loss. Grief can be overwhelming emotionally, psychologically and physically. Psychiatrist... Read more »
Grief Download: 5 Podcast Episodes You Need To Hear
Listen to Prince Harry, Michelle Obama and others get real about loss.
Anxiety Is Another Stage of Grief
What is anxiety? Where does it come from, and how can you gain control over it? And why is it so frequently spurred by the loss of a loved one? These are often the first questions I address when meeting with a new client, because understanding anxiety is the first step in learning how to... Read more »
Grief and Sleep
In this guide, we’ll analyze what grief is and how and why it can impact our sleep. We’ll also delve into how sleep influences grieving. For people dealing with grief, we provide tips for improving sleep and a list of resources to learn more about these complex topics.
At The Holidays: Coping with Anticipatory Grief
Those familiar colors and songs mean holiday season is here again. For many, the beginning of the season brings memories of family traditions and sparks anticipation for this year’s get-togethers and shopping lists. You probably know a variety of people who approach the season differently – some who love this time of year, some who... Read more »
Bereavement Support
What is bereavement? The words grief, mourning, and bereavement are sometimes used interchangeably. Bereavement is the time of grief and mourning you experience after you lose someone you loved – it’s the time you spend adjusting to the loss of that person. Do I need grief counseling? You may have heard that you should get... Read more »
After A Loss: Changing Holiday Time With Family
The upcoming ski vacation was going to be the first time the family would be taking their annual ski vacation without Robert. Sarah had first met Robert’s family on one of these trips when they were dating. Now, 20 years later, with their three kids and the countless cousins, the annual Christmas ski vacation with... Read more »
Navigating Workplace Cheer While Grieving
“Anything mentionable… is manageable,” Brooke repeated to herself. She’d just heard it said in the movie, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, which she was watching with her co-workers. The theater visit was part of her office’s holiday outing, and the quote really resonated with her. Times had been hard. A few years back, her... Read more »