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Your Complete Guide to Burial Insurance
Have you spent time speaking about funeral plans with an elderly parent or grandparent? Do you know if your loved one would prefer a funeral and burial over a memorial service and cremation? Most people would rather not dwell on losing their loved ones. Certainly, most older folks would rather enjoy their lives than spend... Read more »
Do You Need Disability Insurance?
Attention, 50- to 55-year-olds (and anyone who cares about a 50- to 55-year-old) — this column is for you. You’re probably thinking: Here comes the reminder that it’s time to start thinking about long-term care insurance. Close, but wrong. This is the reminder that it’s time to start thinking about disability insurance.
Requirements for Long Term Disability
If your employer offers you long-term disability (LTD) coverage as part of a benefits package, or if you’ve purchased an individual policy on your own, you may be eligible to continue receiving most of your salary in the event you become unable to work. A person filing an LTD claim has a number of hurdles... Read more »
Will My Insurance Cover a Retirement Home or Assisted Living?
For baby boomers who are retiring today, this next chapter in life looks a lot different than it did for earlier generations. Boomers are redefining retirement on their own terms, which basically means that anything goes. You may be living the RV life, volunteering, or starting a second act with a whole new career. Whatever... Read more »
Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid For Life Insurance For Seniors
If you have loved ones who would suffer financially should you pass away, you need a life insurance policy that is in force. Seniors buy life insurance for this very reason. There are seven top mistakes seniors need to avoid before applying for a life insurance policy.
Buying Private Health Insurance
If your employer doesn’t offer you health insurance as part of an employee benefits program, you may be looking at purchasing your own health insurance through a private health insurance company. When your employer offers you the option to enroll in an employer-sponsored health insurance plan, they will typically cover part of your insurance premiums.
Why You Should Get Health Insurance
Health insurance isn’t cheap, but going without it can cost you even more. Whether you get it through your employer or the Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Marketplace, know what you’re getting and what you aren’t.
What’s the Difference Between Burial Insurance, Life Insurance, and Funeral Insurance?
Burial insurance is also known as “funeral insurance” and is an easy-to-qualify for, low coverage, whole life insurance policy designed to cover end of life expenses like medical bills, funeral expenses, and other debts that are left behind when you pass. Most burial insurance plans are affordable, have fixed premiums, and can be issued quickly.
Medicare vs. Medicaid: Key Differences and What Is Covered
In 1965, an amendment to the Social Security Act established Medicare and Medicaid, two government-run health programs. Their similar names can often lead to confusion about what each program covers. In some cases, people may be eligible to be covered by both programs.